How AI is changing Advertising

Artificial intelligence in advertising refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions based on the information that is fed to them. They use historical data to learn from past experiences and use it to make smarter decisions in the future.

Everything You Need to Know About Core Web Vitals

The core web vitals, including mobile-friendliness and page speed, are a hot topic in the SEO community right now. For good reason: improving them makes for a better user experience, and they are now a ranking factor for Google Search as part of the new page experience signals.
The gradual rollout began as of mid-June 2021 and was completed by September 2nd 2021.

Top 6 SEO Auditing Tools You Should Use In 2022

SEO auditing is a time-consuming process because we have to analyze all the pages of the website with the support of technical tools. We can find numerous SEO audit tools over the web to audit and analyze a website. We have to prepare a detailed report with recommendations for a website to improve search results and rankings.

2022 SEO Trends: What You Need To Know About Next Year’s SEO

In 2022, SEO trends will be different from today’s due to Google’s constant updates. These Google updates are made throughout the year and can affect a website’s ranking depending on how well it’s updated. User experience also changes as a result of new technology, which can change what users look for while searching. With all this in mind, it would be wise to know what websites will be through for next year’s SEO efforts already. Thus, you can have more successful, productive, and better-and-higher ranking SEO achievements.

A Simple 10-Step Guide to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign from Scratch.

The process of launching a new Google Ads campaign is exhilarating. Excitement, anxiety, fear, and hope are emotions I feel when about to click the Enable button on a new campaign.
If you’re just getting started, you might be afraid of messing it up. I get it. The steps I’ll walk you through will ensure that you’re depositing money into your own bank account rather than funding Google’s empire.

Technical SEO Deep Dive & Diagnosis: Easy-to-follow guide for latest tips, tricks, and tools

SEO, or search engine optimization is a critical component of every online marketing strategy. It’s often easy to overlook how important SEO can be in the grand scheme of marketing and creating and maintaining an online presence, but there are some great ways to get… Read More »Technical SEO Deep Dive & Diagnosis: Easy-to-follow guide for latest tips, tricks, and tools